Make connections to launch a film career

How to make connections and launch your career

Getting connected in the film industry is no easy task. There are many methodologies and schools of thought on how to approach making 'film connections'.

One angle is to go through the film school route where you make your industry connections and also forge friendships with your future collaborators. This is one of the ways Hollywood directors get known. Film schools also provide the benefit of teaching you the methods you need to know, but more importantly, the practical, on-set knowledge that will help you build relationships with people as you work on productions.

Other ways of making connections include attending film screenings, Q and As, film festivals, culture/arts festivals and completing internships with film production companies.

There are also other avenues for finding a potential partner, investor, collaborator and even friend to put you on the career path. Everyone is a potential connection so don't close your door to people outside the film industry. It's a small world out there, and you can't be too choosy when you are looking to make your break into film. Just follow your heart and know where you want to go.

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