Making a short film in Paris

Paris filmmaking

Paris has a diverse short filmmaking community with upcoming talent in all areas of the film industry. If you have a desire to make movies and want a great range of locations, easy access to local talent and some panache for your shorts, look no further.

Getting your project off the ground in Paris, especially as a student or an independent filmmaker is easier than in other cities. France is a film loving nation and cinema is seen as the 7th art, and something integral to its cultural heritage. When you want to cast a movie in Paris, there are several organizations that can help you find talent when you are on a low or no budget shoot.

Film organizations in Paris

The Maison du film court is a great place to go and promote your film casting by signing up to their project database. This lets all their members know about what you are looking for. With a large selection of actors, upcoming and established, you can browse their actor database online from home including their talent roster which is accessible once you are registered (free).

There are other casting sites in Paris if you want to spread word about your casting needs.

Finding film crew is also something you need to look at doing if you are short of people, and you want to find a way to get cameras, lights and so on without going to a rental house. Craigslist Paris and angloinfo Paris are useful places to post up messages on forums, or alternatively you can go to our local film network in France and post up your request.

If you want to rent camera equipment, lights, genies and anything in between, check out TSF. If you are a student you can negotiate a lower tariff.

Shooting permits are needed for specific locations like monuments, parks and private establishments but most of the time, with less than 10 people and no tripod, you can shoot in most of Paris. Check out the 'Film France guides' to shooting which will also give you a detailed account of what you need for different situations.

Once your film is complete there are many independent cinemas, which you can contact and rent a room by the hour. Our recent experience with the Grand Action was great and we highly recommend it for private screenings and premieres. Check out our other film industry guides below to help you.

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