There’s no point making excuses for failure in the film business

Filmmakers, actors, musicians, producers and working professionals face a challenging economy filled with unique opportunity.

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Technology this year is bringing our world closer together. The filmmaker in Detroit has just as much chance to succeed as the actor in Berlin. What sets these two individuals apart is geography and culture. Both countries have two different markets, languages and job rules. However, the ‘globalisation’ of technology means that Detroit filmmakers and Berlin based actors can access the same knowledge, gain the same advantage, and become better at what they do at the same speed.

It’s no longer a good excuse to blame a lack of resources for not being able to learn the skills needed to become better, or greater at something. There is so much information out there, you can learn the skill by taking online courses, learning from the success of others, and getting the best reading material for your specific skillset.

When you consider the wealth of information available to us, there are infinite opportunities to seek a way to earn a living, and not just based on the current rules of your local film community or even local jobs. 2012 will be the year to forge closer relationships with people around the world in this spirit.

I couldn’t get to where I am without teaming up with people thousands of miles away. It’s not just on a personal level, but a professional one too. The whole concept of the web makes us very close, and I wish for you to seek out those impossible answers from people that might even be 10,000 miles away.

So to the indie filmmaker, the struggling actor, or the seasoned pro, if you are lacking initiative, a job, or motivation, look to the web to find new skills, new opportunities. Even start a business with your unique skills and export them abroad. Anything is possible and I hope this encourages you to do it right now, this second, this instant.

Film Industry Network receives a commission when a product is purchased through affiliate links included in this article.

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