Mailchimp site is down, 15 hour outage continues (update)


Mailchimp Down, one of the best known email marketing services has been hit by an apparent outage after the main website page was taken offline or appeared inaccessible.

The site is currently online in the US but users in Europe report a total blackout since around Midnight GMT last night. In France and the UK the site appeared down for visitors while Mailchimp staff were asking people to livechat to them about the problem.

This is by far the biggest interruption to the Mailchimp service in recent memory however the company is not alone in facing tech issues. Services such as Netflix, and most recently, Bluehost, have all taken a hit from a variety of problems including DDoS attacks (Denial of Service), Datacenter problems and even, fuel outages in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

Whatever the reason for this outage, Mailchimp has yet to specify what is causing the issue. We will bring you more on this as it develops.

Are you experiencing issues with Mailchimp?

Update : Mailchimp has been restored for a majority of users.

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