Instead of weeping, what should Madonna do about her leaked song?

We’ve all heard by now that Madonna is upset about her leaked song, but maybe something should be done about it? Instead of us pointing fingers at who’s to blame, why not tackle the very issue that a lot of artists are facing?


How many times have we heard an artist forced to release their latest single or album early because tracks got leaked? It’s almost impossible to not hear about a leaked track or album. Sometimes it’s done on purpose to generate buzz. A leak is far more interesting than a release, but there is a problem. Digital security absolutely ‘sucks’.

Artists like Madonna need to go ‘military’ like Jay Z and Kanye West did for their new album. As soon as a file mix is created, that needs to be locked up, encoded, encrypted and not downloadable or even left on a machine that has access to people outside of the close circuit of producers. Hackers are all over the web looking to make trouble so you have no choice but to make the effort. Today’s news about Madonna’s ‘Give Me All Your Love’ demo on the web is already old and boring. If artists really want to stop their music getting into the hands of hackers, jealous friends, or ‘rogue interns’ then they should review their entire music making process.

Security is after all so important in the music industry it’s crazy to overlook it and just hope no one is going to get access to your music files. Madonna fans are also the ones who suffer because they want to get the original, fresh, 100% unreleased single they’ve been waiting for. That single is ruined in my view. She needs to re-write it to make it an original song now, and no doubt that something personal like that, which took a lot of time, could cause, at least, some weeping, and to Madonna I say, "I want to give you a nice big hug."

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