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Lucy Rayner documentary completes filming


Fact Not Fiction Films has confirmed that they have completed filming their new documentary ‘Lucy’ (working title).

‘Lucy’, tells the very important story of a 22-year old girl who lived in Reigate and who sadly chose to leave this world. The documentary is supported by the Lucy Rayner Foundation and will help inform and educate on the issue of young adult depression.

Director, Sarah Holloway stated:

"At 22, beautiful and highly popular Lucy (Rayner) seemed to have everything to live for. But on one tragic day in May she decided to take her own life, believing suicide the only way out. Lucy’s suicide shocked her family and friends who were unaware she was secretly fighting mental health issues behind a perfect ‘selfie’ mask.

The largest cause of death in young people is suicide. It is time to break the silence and dispel the stigma."

Production Manager and Assistant Producer, Beth Moran stated:

“The project has completed filming on schedule using a Canon C300 Mark II camera system that performed flawlessly. The film is due to complete post production later this year.”

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