London Olympics 2012 closing ceremony : Live feeds

London 2012 Closing Ceremony live tonight

The world awaits the closing ceremony of the 2012 Olympic games after more than 2 weeks of sensational sporting achievements.

Before the opening ceremony, critics were quick to suggest that London would not be ready for the Olympics, nor could the city handle the surge in traffic and people. After 2 weeks, the Games have gone incredibly smoothly, even to the 'astonishment' of the British public.

Tonight's epic and final journey will mark a celebration that will go down in UK history as the conclusion to "The Largest Media event ever". Pop legends from the 60s through to today will be making a live music spectacle. They include the likes of the Spice Girls, George Michael, Jessie J, Russell Brand, One Direction, Lloyd Webber and many more.

Live Broadcast of 2012 Olympic closing ceremony

The Live Broadcast feed will air from 3.45 ET and 9pm GMT on the BBC and networks worldwide including NBC.

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