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London is the New Hollywood

The UK in recent years has become a major overseas destination for Hollywood studios and productions from around the world. With competitive tax breaks, and a highly skilled local workforce, there are plenty of reasons why people have chosen London to do film production.

After the success of the Olympics, the UK's creativity became internationally recognised. Thanks to the help of a clever marketing campaign for the film 'Skyfall', audiences around the world were given a thrill on the day of the opening event. Mixed with the comedic impressions of Rowan Atkinson, and the performances of singers, and a 'flying Queen', the Olympics opening was the beginning of a new creative era for Britain.

This year Warner Bros opened their new £100 million studio in Leavesden and Paramount Entertainment are planning a £2 billion theme park in Kent that will rival EuroDisney. The BFI are also spending £500 million over the next 5 years in the British Film Industry supporting feature films and local projects. Disney and Lucasfilm also announced this year that 'Star Wars 7' will be shot in the UK in 2014.

All in all things are looking very positive for the UK. Back in Hollywood, the California Film Commission recently announced that 31 projects had been chosen for tax breaks, but only a select few were able to benefit from the scheme. Many of the productions that have taken place in Hollywood in previous years are now moving to other states or abroad, including the UK.

Some of the big advantages of London include an excellent public transport network, a diversity of shooting locations, and the close proximity of studio facilities. The workforce is also a major asset with expertise in all areas of production. London has some of the leading post-production facilities in the world, and are on the cutting edge for foreign productions looking to shoot here in London.

There are plenty of good reasons to head on over to the UK, so what are you waiting for? Let's make some films!

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