Liz Wahl would be a good replacement for Piers Morgan on CNN

Russia Today news anchor Liz Wahl who boldly announced her resignation on-air would be an ideal replacement for Piers Morgan once his show has come to an end.

Wahl's style of honesty and brave frankness has been widely felt by the media. She's done what few would have the guts to do. She effectively created a whole new editorial standard and out-shined Russia Today with her own personal story. Wahl's unique approach to her resignation, and the way she's presented herself has become an international news headline.

The news anchor made her decision following Russia's military build up in Crimea and stated live on air:

"I cannot be part of a network funded by the Russian government that whitewashes the actions of Putin."

While the network will want to dismiss her comments and move on, the anchor has gained significant support across America, which could help propel her career to new heights.

CNN has been lagging in ratings for some time. Prime time talk shows have become a drag and overly format conscious. With Youtube bloggers able to target much bigger audiences in short 5 minute videos, CNN needs to renovate its programming, get ahead of the times and focus on better audience engagement.

It would be great to see a younger show host, with fire, and the ability to make statements that resonate far beyond the dreary silliness we are seeing in so many talk shows today. She's smart, charismatic and would give CNN that energy it lacks. Americans can relate to her family history, what she values, and if CNN gave her that space with a new show format, it would be very interesting.

Check out Whal's bold on-air criticism:

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