Little Fockers gets slated in poor reviews

LOS ANGELES, USA - Robert De Niro and Ben Stiller came back once again to star in the little awaited Little Fockers sequel which has received poor reviews and is expected to flop at the Box Office.

However, even if it does flop, the question remains as to why audiences keep flocking back to focking bad movies? Franchise fatigue has long been condemned by film critics across the industry because let's face it, its hard to be original the 3rd, Fourth, or fifth time round. The reality is that big producers and studios alike sometimes find it hard to get investment for big blockbuster concepts without a proven audience.

Even the most talented filmmakers with worldwide appeal often need a track record of a successful movie before a film investor will put in millions for a big feature film. Making films is a risky business and franchises have greater appeal because of their already established fan bases.

Piracy is also an issue making it more difficult for Studios and Distributors to ensure strong DVD sales without a loyal fan base. This is one of the many reasons these films continue to get made, even if they lack originality .

Reaction to Little Fockers

Clearly nothing but a paycheck project for all concerned, this is definitely the least and hopefully the last of a franchise that started amusingly enough a decade ago but has now officially overstayed its welcome -

Nothing will ever change the esteem De Niro is held in. There's no erasing his impressive and iconic career. But we do have to ask the troubling question: Is he even trying anymore?

The personalities are exuberant, the situations humorous, the slapstick worth a chuckle or two. But while the jokes may be fresh, the plot is 100 percent stale. -

The Meet the Parents/Fockers franchise is sort of like that one distant cousin you see only on holidays, pleasant enough to pass the green bean casserole to, but just a tiny bit boorish, and certainly not someone you'd like to see on a regular basis.

The only good thing that can be said about Little Fockers is that all concerned waited six years from middle installment Meet the Fockers before foisting this one upon us. That shows unusual restraint for this series. Otherwise, it s a complete Focking waste of time. Can we please stop meeting these parents?

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