Lindsay Lohan refuses Charlie Sheen money

Lindsay Lohan gets paid

Lindsay Lohan recently refused the help of her close pal Charlie Sheen who decided to ignore her and send her manager a check to the tune of $100k.

The $100,000 sum was a pretty nice gift for the actress who's had some recent trouble with the IRS. Her outstanding tax bill according to TMZ is $233,904. While the two became close on the set of 'Scary Movie 5', Sheen's latest donation will go a long way to help keep Lohan in business, although she is reportedly netting more than $2 million this year in earnings.

However what's a little odd about this is the fact that Lohan will have substantial earnings to cover this bill so how come Charlie is so keen to give her the green? Is this a down payment on some other type of favor we have yet to be told about?

Earlier in August it was reported that FX Networks ordered more than 90 episodes of the succesful 'Anger Management', which put Sheen back in the spotlight. Is 2013 a big year for the winning actor? Maybe $100,000 is a small token compared to what he's about to receive..

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