Lindsay Lohan publicist Steve Honig quits after endless controversy

Publicist Steve Honig has quit and will no longer represent Lindsay Lohan after a bruising few months for the actress shrouded in endless controversy, arrests, charges, and brushes with the law.

Hollywood's 'drama queen' has had her fair share of problems but her publicist's resignation comes at a difficult time for the actress, who has faced a hyped media barrage over her recent private life rollercoaster.

Honig, according to the National Ledger, worked with Lohan since 2011, after she had parted ways with Leslie Sloane. It is not clear whether she will look for new representation, in light of her father's ambition to seek a conservatorship for her. The young actress has been in and out of rehab for the past few years, but so far has shown no signs of 'recovery'.

Will she have to take some time out before she can hire a new publicist to take care of business?

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