Lindsay Lohan linked to burglary and banned from Chateau Marmont


Actress owes $46k in unpaid bill and gets investigated

It's been a bad week for Lindsay Lohan after she was linked to a burglary and banned by the Chateau Marmont Hotel.

Several news agencies reported that Lohan had been investigated by the Los Angeles Police Department for the alleged theft of watches, tableware and sunglasses worth in excess of $100,000 from Sam Magid, a millionaire investor. Magid, also happens to be a friend of Lohan's, however she will not face any charges due to "insufficient evidence."

Furthermore, Lohan was publicly banned from the prestigious Chateau Marmont Hotel for refusing to pay a $46,000 tab which included over $3k in minibar expenses and $686 spent on cigarettes, TMZ confirms. The actress is not allowed to go on in the hotel and has been ordered to remove her belongings.

Lohan was recently tied to Charlie Sheen in Scary Movie 5.

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