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Lindsay Lohan is the most abused celebrity of 2012

She's taken Charlie Sheen's money, hit a pedestrian with her car, 'evaded arrest', punched night clubbers to the ground and consumed excessive amounts of vodka. All these things are super bad no doubt, but it comes to a point when you realize, she's also a human being, and there's quite a fair bit of abuse taking place here that no one is really talking about.

Lindsay Lohan is having a very bad year but her troubles are being made worse by a select few who are trying to destroy her in the media. The countless bad stories about her personal life are so exaggerated to the point that she has become the 'Hollywood problem child'. For some it's fun to see her burn under a magnifying glass. I am positive there are people right now devising ways to humiliate this actress in the press because it's entertaining, gets a lot of readership, and gets more people to hate her.

I feel quite sorry for Lindsay because I know that she is being exploited, and that's how gossip sites make their money. There's also a non-stop reminder on the web about the difficulties she faces. This reinforces her own doubts about herself and how she 'can't' get better. It's like a daily reminder that helps her believe that she is in peril, because the media is saying so, but it's a fabrication, and 99% of the silly stories are an interpretation of her by other people. Most people don't know Lindsay..but they sure love to abuse her.

When you look at what's happening to Lindsay Lohan as a person, this is someone who's facing a lot of stress: Pressure from the media, a terrible public image, and harassment from paparazzi and people who just want to make some cash out of her misery. Just looking at all her angry moments, arrests, rehab stints and so on: all that to me, is partially instigated by overzealous gossip seekers that want to remind us she has failed, but she hasn't. It's so convenient to forget that she has a career. 'Scary Movie 5' may not be the ideal movie to put her back on track, but there's a cult following for those films, and it's a big franchise. We also can't forget her outing in 'Liz and Dick' this year.

I just want to put this out there because this goes on all the time. I would admire anyone who would could put a positive spin on what she's doing, because there are many great things that she has achieved, that most people would only dream of doing. This industry is so hard to get in to, but once people achieve success they shouldn't be harassed by others who ultimately just want to have the same kind of success for themselves.

Just remember that these are 'people', just like you, trying to earn a living, and doing an art that they enjoy. Lindsay's hurting inside from all this, and I think it's time to stop this game and help her out. In fact, I think she deserves better, and people should give her some breathing room. There are plenty of other entertaining ways to talk about Lindsay without destroying her self-esteem, her image, and her life.

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