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Limelight Film Awards providing filmmakers a 10k production prize

Have you come across the Limelight Film Awards? Are you making short films that are less than 10 minutes in length? Perhaps you would be interested in getting major recognition in the UK film industry and winning a £10,000 production budget?

I came across the Limelight Film Awards not too long ago and was impressed by the team's dedication to short filmmakers. With an award ceremony taking place this June and the backing of major sponsors in the UK, the Limelight Film Awards celebrates the best in short filmmaking. Managed by Spotlight UK and Canary Wharf Group PLC, the Limelight Film Awards this year has 12 competition categories ranging from sci-fi to comedy and music.

Submissions to the festival are free to those under the age of 18 and I would highly recommend you give it a shot. With the boom in short filmmaking, and a big online audience for your work it's one of the best ways to get recognised, leading to a career in the film industry.

Best of luck to those of you how decide to enter, and thanks to the Limelight Film Award team for setting up this great event.

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