Lil Wayne inspires youth with most honest PSA video

Lil Wayne released a 30 minute PSA video to share his viewpoints on life and success, but what the video has shown is far more than your average shout out.

The successful rapper portrays an honest opinion of why he does certain things, and gives people a real look at the life that surrounds him. It's notable not only as it tells the truth without an MTV style edit, but it comes from the heart.

Lil Wayne is controversial, and has been in prison in the past, but irrespective of what you may think of him, his personal life or his music, this PSA is definitely making a difference to bring communities together. During the video, he explains why he got himself a Bugatti and how he had wanted to be the first African American to own such a car. He also gives respect to Apple founder Steve Jobs and talks about his influence.

Lil Wayne on Lil Wayne -

"This ain't no episode of cribs"

The rapper goes humble by showing the cracks in his tiles outside his garage, he isn't perfect, but that's not what he's trying to be. He also explains how he spent some of his millions on things he valued the most, a room for his kids, a studio in his home. He's not trying to show off, but do the things he really wants and feels for and that's what makes him successful. He goes out to learn what he can, to perfect a craft, and then make it his own.

Lil Wayne PSA by Derick G

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(Viewer discretion is advised. Some strong language)

I hope this PSA inspires other artists to reach out to their communities and tell the truth about themselves so that in turn people can realise their own ambitions and learn from the greats.

Other Notable music industry figures reaching out to their communities:

Teressa Raiford

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Music industry manager and social media specialist Teressa Raiford recently announced her call to run for Portland City Council. Having worked with top artists including Kanye West, she has pursued her passion of community building to bring her resources and knowledge to her city and create practical solutions.


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Grammy winning artist Rhymefest also decided to take a turn to help his community and launched his bid to run to become a member of the Council in Chicago. Why is he doing it? Because he wants to make a difference beyond his music, so in this light, everyone has their own versions of what they want to do, and how they want to do it.

Lil Wayne, Raiford and Rhymefest are three great examples of people taking their game further by reaching out to communities and giving something back through their actions.

There is so much media distortion today that we barely know who people are at times so when I come across the actions of successful figures giving something back to others, it makes me smile. Is our generation ready to make a difference? Thanks guys, keep working at it.

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