Lighthouse Short Film Fund

BFI Shorts 2012 ( Lighthouse Short Film Fund )

BFI Shorts aims to give opportunities to young talent in the film industry. In search of interesting storylines and creative artists, this organization plans to fund up to 20 projects a year with a budget ranging from £25,000 to £50,000. For 2012, the Lighthouse Short Film Fund  will accept applications.

What is the BFI looking for?

  • The film producers are motivated individuals with professional experience in the sector who want to push themselves with bigger projects. These individuals have a great artistic vision and can come from different creative and cultural backgrounds.
  • The projects submitted must be live-action narrative fiction shorts which have a time limit between 10 & 30 minutes. They must prove that their ideas need a bigger budget (they have no other funds) in order to be conceived and that they are capable of successfully realizing their ideas on the big screen.

Eligibility criteria

  • Be 18 or over and be a British resident or be of British nationality
  • Be the owner of a UK company
  • Meet the necessary requirements as Director, Writer or Producer according to the BFI
  • Not be an inexperienced or first-time film producer

STEP 1: The Application

The deadline is 5pm, Friday 23rd March 2012

  • Writers and Directors can submit one application where as producers can submit up to two projects.
  • The process can be carried out online
  • TAKE NOTE: As well as the online application, it is necessary to attach other documents. For example, data regarding all members of the group including their filmography, directors must include two examples of top quality work they have already produced, a complete script, legal rights…

STEP 2: The Interviews

Once the application has been accepted, it is obligatory to undertake an interview.

  • The first list of applicants will be interview in central London with members of the BFI Film Fund and Lighthouse executives from 2nd 10th May 2012.
  • The second list of applicants will have to attend a workshop which will be help at Lighthouse in Brighton on Saturday 26th May and Saturday 9th June 2012.


After the interviews, the creative teams will have to organize their script, budget, production schedule, cast lists and story boards meeting a deadline secured by Lighthouse.


The final decision will be taken by the BFI´s Lottery Finance Committee; the verdict will be announced in July 2012.