Liam Neeson sparks controversy after wanting to take revenge

Actor Liam Neeson spoke candidly to The Independent about an incident that propelled him to seek revenge after someone he knew had been sexually assaulted.

Neeson stated that he went walking around areas hoping to confront the alleged perpetrator who was black, and confront him so that he could “kill him” and was going through the motion in his mind for over a week.

The shocking interview revealed the actor’s inner struggle in dealing with the news and his anger about how the victim had been affected. Neeson was clearly ashamed of it as he said he was hoping to see someone “come out of a pub and have a go at me” in order to take revenge.

The actor criticised himself and discussed his background having grown up in Northern Ireland during The Troubles, where there was sometimes a “primal need” for violence.

Neeson was discussing his movie ‘Cold Pursuit’ when he highlighted the incident and his co-star, also present during the revelation, was shocked and surprised he said it.

Often portraying complex characters in movies such as ‘Batman Begins’ and ’Taken’, the actor has often acted out revenge vividly for audiences to see onscreen, but never privately admitted to having those urges in his daily life.

While critics have been quick to judge stating “Liam Neeson is cancelled”, the actor was also praised for highlighting something he found difficult to speak about, and was ashamed of.

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