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Let’s hear it for the girls! Dark comedy Earthquake Country set to shake male-dominated Hollywood


Written and directed by sisters Hallie and Audrey McPherson, "Earthquake Country" is a dark comedy that explores the malleability of memory, the creation of family mythology, and the bonds of sister and motherhood.

"The act of writing, directing and producing a film as a female partnership is a political act in and of itself. Even with the advent of the #MeToo Movement and Hollywood's ostensible awakening, the number of major films by female directors is still low. The content of our story furthers the political endeavors of our partnership by presenting strong female protagonists who defy a culture of insidious misogyny and objectification. Perhaps most importantly, Earthquake Country was made by a predominately female crew. We want to help pave the way for future female filmmakers,” said Co-Directors Hallie and Audrey McPherson.

The film tells the story of Rhyme Osbourne, a recalcitrant teen who dreams of reality TV stardom as a means to escape the claustrophobia of her hometown, as well as the mysterious tragedy that haunts her family. Fed up with her mother’s alcoholism and her father’s apathy, Rhyme devises a plan to turn her family’s dysfunction into reality TV gold.


“In making this film, we strove to create a safe space and to prove that women can excel at all the technical aspects of filmmaking. That's why our G&E team had two women on it and our camera team was led by a female DP with a female second AC. In addition, we were careful to ensure that all the men on set were allies. Our experience filming Earthquake Country has proven to us that women on a set can be treated as experts and equals,” continued the McPherson sisters.

In addition to the McPhersons, the predominantly female crew includes producer Melina Emilie, associate producer Niki Byrne, Director of Photography Kelly Urban, First AD Alicia Herder, and production designer Kristen Jordan.

The film stars newcomer Lydian Blossom, Alex Sorian Brown (Our Home, Getaway), Melina Emilie (Scream: The TV Series), Nigel Vonas (The Chronicles of Riddick), Deborah Bertling and Todd Carroll.


Produced by Burn Dog Productions, the film plans on a festival premiere after post- production is complete.

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