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Lawrence of Arabia : Peter O'Toole's finest work

The world remembers Peter O'Toole

It was in 1962 that Peter O'Toole defined one cinema's greatest classics. Arguably one of the best films ever, 'Lawrence of Arabia' defined a cinematic style that reverberated for generations.

Peter O'Toole died at age 81, after a long battle with cancer according to the Guardian. O'Toole was nominated 8 times for an Academy Award including 'Best 'Actor in a Leading Role' for 'Lawrence of Arabia'.

O'Toole was also recognised by the Academy and won an Honorary Award in 2003 for his role in cinema history.

The actor also garnered recognition from the Golden Globes, winning 4 times, along with a Primetime Emmy Award for his supporting role in Luc Besson's 'Joan of Arc'.

Some of O'Toole's classic films include 'The Last Emperor and 'Murphy's War'. His most recent outing onscreen was in Michael Redwood's 'Katherine of Alexandria', which will be released in 2014.

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