'Lawman' Steven seagal turns into political fundraiser in Arizona

Steven Seagal is well known for his leg breaking, arm snapping and 'Delta forcing' down doors, but the action star recently headlined a person fundraiser for Attorney General Tom Horne.

The mix between the media and politics often collide, and actors will always have an opinion on who they think should be in power. Seagal is one of many 'political activists', raising funds and using their fame to draw in donations and supporters for local politicians.

During the Obama 2008 Election campaign, celebrities far and wide came up with all kinds of promotions to help encourage support for the president, and the same took place at a local level.

Tickets at the event for the Arizona Attorney General were on sale for $300.

Steven Seagal releases several straight to DVD movies a year, and appears in A&E TV's Lawman

Steven Seagal Lawman Trailer on A&E TV

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