Lars Von Trier film shocks and offends at Cannes as 100 walk out

Lars Von Trier’s latest psychological horror “The House That Jack Built” has shocked theater audiences at Cannes.

After a prolonged absence from the Cannes Film Festival, Lars Von Trier’s return was met with dismay as people walked out from the screening “in droves” according to attendees following grotesque scenes in the movie that included “sadistic violence.”

The House that Jack Built Trailer

Starring Uma Thurman, Bruno Ganz and Matt Dillon, the film’s highly controversial storyline also includes several scenes with graphic depictions of women and children being mutilated.

In one scene, Matt Dillon’s character shoots children at a family picnic in the head with a rifle.

No stranger to controversy, the Danish director was banned from Cannes in 2011 after jokingly saying he admired Hitler and was a Nazi. He was welcomed back this year by the Cannes Film Festival, however critics argue that the film should not have been screened and had excessive violence, even for the genre.

Despite the criticism, Lars Von Trier has defended his film against any kind of “censorship” urging people to go and see it as it is.

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