Lana Del Rey's music videos : The best of 2012

Lana Del Rey shines in style & creativity

Working with some of the world's top music video directors, Lana Del Rey has successfully incorporated her unique image, personality and style into this year's most original music videos.

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From Spencer Susser & Kyle Newman's 'Summertime Sadness' to French director Yoann Lemoine's 'Blue Jeans', each video portrays a beautiful rendition of Del Rey's powerful screen presence and vocal talents.

Music video - Blue Jeans

'Blue Jeans' features some of the best cinematography and music video direction I've seen in years, with such grace and sophistication. The shots of Lana Del Rey passing through the water speak a poetry, and rhythm that's lacking in many mainstream music videos. We are taken on a different journey, something that feels true, and un-touched by commerciality. The editing is also fluid and flows with the lyrics of this superb song. Yoann Lemoine's direction is truly outstanding.

Director: Yoann Lemoine

Music video - Ride

At over 10 minutes, 'Ride', directed by Anthony Mandler and produced by Heather Heller brings fans closer to Lana Del Rey's musical storytelling. It tells the backstory of personal conflict, and a psychological struggle of someone's own self-discovery. We are taken on a road trip of past memories, that are shot in the style of a day-dream like montage, intercut with Del Rey performing at a theatre. The video manages to convey both an intriguing storyline whilst drawing viewers into the emotional journey of Del Rey's inner conflicts and of her past reflection. It juxtaposes both the exhilaration of her desires, and the fears of her isolation.

Director: Anthony Mandler

Music video - National Anthem

Lastly, I want to turn to 'National Anthem', a '60s style' montage mixing the screams of John F Kennedy's 1963 assassination, and Del Rey's depiction of both Marilyn Monroe and Jacqueline Kennedy. It blends an alternative pop, hip-hop sound, opening with the nostalgic fear of uncertainty, and evolving into a story of excess, wealth and affection. It's unusual editing style, and documentary like home footage gives it a more personal touch. We are introduced to family values but also the fragility of life. Directed by Antony Mandler, the video defines the kind of filmmaking that brings out atmosphere and mystery. It's a thought provoking piece that is brilliantly executed.

Director: Anthony Mandler

No other artist has come close to this level of originality in 2012 and Lana Del Rey has truly pushed the standard for re-inventing the music video format. Her collaborations with these creative directors have accentuated her talents and it's wonderful to have seen this level of creation from one of America's most defining singers.


Lana Del Rey's Born To Die - Paradise Edition comes out today.

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