Lana Del Rey - National Anthem music video hits the web

National Anthem sends us back to the 60s

Lana Del Rey's new music video 'National Anthem' hit the web today and is already getting a heated debate for it's subject on Twitter.

Featuring a 'JFK assassination' style montage, B&W intercuts and a 60s themed color profile, Rey's video has an artistic vision quite unlike any other artist.

The video's personal style includes a jagged, framed border, as if taken from a polaroid camera. The shots are heavily diffused giving it that 'Marliyn Monroe' feel along with warm tones and quick cuts. 'National Anthem' goes back and forth between a 'Presidential motorcade' and multiple scenes all while Del Rey emerges from a flower bed. There's a lot happening in this 7 minute artistic journey. Check it out below and send in your feedback!

Lana Del Ray National Anthem Music Video

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