Lady Gaga too high tech for Madonna?

Lady Gaga is winning the high tech battle over the internet while Madonna falls far behind her and the likes of Taylor Swift, Rihanna and Shakira.

According to social media chart groovecount, Madonna ranks at a lowly 60th place, with less than 1/10th of Lady Gaga s online youtube viewership.

It is not easy to quantify how powerful social media and youtube video views are for musicians, but with Madonna and Lady Gaga, these two icons are in different online leagues.

Madonna has constantly innovated music since the 80s however in recent times she faces what some may feel is her replacement : Lady Gaga. Her videos are provocative, yet classy. They evoke what is missing in Madonna today, and as long as Lady Gaga dominates the internet, Madonna will lose this high tech battle, more central to the future success of musicians.

However, Madonna will continue to sell out concerts around the world, but will her popularity disappear with a smaller internet presence?

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