Lady Gaga to quit facebook

NEW YORK, USA - In light of Alicia Key's charity concert taking place on Tuesday, Lady Gaga, among other artists have pledged to quit facebook and twitter to raise money for world aids day.

One wonders how Lady Gaga will raise money without her millions of followers on facebook or twitter, but the campaign, named the 'Digital Life Sacrifice' will aim to raise at least $1 million dollars before the stars return to their online fans. The concept is a new twist in charity fundraising by making fans pay to get their favourite icons back on their social media friend's list.

Videos of the campaign which are set to be released shorty will show Gaga and others lying in coffins to represent their 'digital end'.

With close to 30 million followers on facebook and twitter, the music icon is putting a lot at stake to make a point, but it is likely to create a new trend for celebrities wishing to do risky promos for charity, which in turn will boost their fanbase.

Lady gaga youtube videos

Earlier this year, Lady Gaga become the first music artist to pass the 1 billion mark on youtube, the internet's premiere video sharing network. The speculation that youtube is set to replace MTV as the source for music videos this decade is almost guaranteed. MTV has now switched its focus to Reality TV, and kept music videos in special programmes on its main channels.

Lady Gaga has managed to create a pop culture movement online through crazy but well conceived videos, with Madonna-like style reinvented for a 21st century web audience.

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