Why was Lady Gaga allowed to promote smoking at the VMAs?

Lady Gaga turned into her alter ego at the MTV VMAs while puffing on a cigarette before her performance, but should it have been allowed?

Lady Gaga Smokes MTV

Lady Gaga

It surprises me that a performance viewed by millions of teenagers included such an act that glorifies smoking. Lady Gaga is so impressionable and its very hard for me to see how smoking a cigarette was a good message to many of her young fans. On top of that, isn’t the advertising of smoking banned? Not that this was a direct advertisement however it certainly does a big favour to tobacco companies when a pop icon tries to look cool with a puff.

I personally find this far worse than a ‘wardrobe malfunction’ because young people will be persuaded that this is acceptable, as she is doing it, even if her 'alter ego' character looks unappealing. It’s also very distressing when I look back at my friends in their youth who are addicted to smoking and have had huge health issues because it was ‘cool’ to smoke. It’s unacceptable to give it any space whatsoever in entertainment or in live events with young audiences watching.

Lady Gaga is an exceptional talent, but her message to fans should not encourage smoking even if she does. The drawback of being in the public eye is that you do have people who will copy you.

What do you think?

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