Lady Gaga, Piers Morgan 'support' Prince Harry

Entertainment icons reveal their admiration

In the wake of the leaked pictures of Prince Harry in the buff, Lady Gaga and Piers Morgan have come to the 'rescue'.

While the Royal family will be taking this breach extremely seriously, the pictures, that have already been widely circulated online, have led to some sympathy.

Lady Gaga recently tweeted to her millions of fans :

"HOLY MOTHER HARRY LOOKS FIT. hope no ones mad at him for that, I'm certainly not #RoyalsArePeopleToo"

- Twitter

In addition to this, CNN Host Piers Morgan went a little further to support him by saying:

"I'm shocked and disgusted by the Prince Harry party photos in Vegas. Why the hell wasn't I invited???"

- Twitter

It was so well received that Eva Longoria re-tweeted it.

In light of Prince Harry's naked pictures being leaked, UK papers haven't dared to publish them after receiving a warning that they would be in breach of the Press Complaints Commission code. However, now that they have been widely viewed, is this law really enforceable?

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