Lady Gaga parody gets 1 million views a day

Weird Al Yankovic has released a parody of Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way' which was renamed to 'Perform This Way' on youtube, becoming a hit in just a matter of days.

Released on the 20th June, the song has attained an average of over 1 million views per day breaking the 4 million barrier just 72 hours after it was released.

Al's crazy video features a purple egg, some unpredictable dancing, lots of 'studio smoke', and even sets himself on fire as he continues to dance.

We can't condone the fire burning ritual in this video, but it has its moments. Animal rights activists are sure to quickly condemn the video as it features many animal like costumes. Did they use real fur?

Take a look. What do you think? Is this just another quest at stealing someone else's fame?

Peform This Way Lady Gaga Spoof

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