Lady Gaga launches music video contest in France

Lady Gaga has teamed up with Samsung to launch an online music video contest.

Gaga fans and filmmakers have been given the opportunity to submit their own ‘Born This Way’ music video for the chance to participate in the ‘Little Monsters Video Awards’ and meet Lady Gaga in Paris.

With covers of ‘Born This Way’ already viral across the web, the competition is fierce but creative minds have the chance to create new visual concepts to impress upon Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga contest ends on June 5th.

To enter:

1. Download the short version of ‘Born This Way’
2. Shoot your video and place the mp3 audio as your soundtrack
3. Upload it to your own youtube
4. Sign up to the website to register your entry
(Rules of entry are in French)

Lady Gaga wants to see your videos

The ‘Little Monsters Video Awards’ will take place on June 15th in Paris

To get some inspiration from Gaga’s long list of sensational videos, check out these examples below. Before you enter, make sure to do your research on other clips, including the top submitted videos on her French website so far.

Lady Gaga Born This Way

Lady Gaga Alejandro

Lady Gaga Judas

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