Lady Gaga Born This Way Music Video is Most Creatively Absurd of 2011


Lady Gaga has to come out on top this year for her ‘Born This Way’ music video that just oozed absurdity from the start.

Music videos are superb promotional materials for songs, and by all means they should be up there, but when there’s a 2 minute 30 second prologue to the song, it gets a little annoying to have to wait for it to start. But, for Gaga, nothing is cooler than a futuristic, costume changing, Star Wars opera like introduction that makes no sense and mindlessly introduces an even more absurd 2nd half to her hit single.

Most absurd lines:

“As the wombs numbered and the mitosis of the future began…and thus began the beginning of the new race. A race within the race of humanity”.

Most absurd still shot:


However, technically the video is a great achievement and delivers a highly aesthetic Gaga experience. Why else would we watch it if there wasn’t some creative genius behind it? Lady Gaga’s collaboration with Nick Knight was a winning combo for this song and far exceeds the disappointing ‘Edge Of Glory’ which felt so low budget and unoriginal I was unsure whether it would remain online more than one day.

Born This Way Music Video

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