Lady Gaga axed from The Muppets

Lady Gaga nearly made her Hollywood screen debut in Disney’s ‘The Muppets’ but her cameo was tragically cut from the movie.

What went wrong for Gaga? A simple fact. The movie was too long. Director James Bobin had to make some tough decisions to bring the final edit down as the movie needed sharpening ahead of its completion. It just goes to show that even if you are a star, sometimes the editing room can be a harsh and unforgiving environment. This is not a personal criticism of Lady Gaga, or her acting abilities. In fact, she was not the only one to be taken out of the final cut of ‘The Muppets’.

Singer Katy Perry was also removed from view, where audiences would have seen her in a musical spoof of her own song ‘I kissed A Girl’. The popular puppets have made a big impact at the box office this holiday season, opening with a strong $42 million.

Lady Gaga will have to wait to get her monster-creativity into the limelight but we are sure she’s set for a grand opening in an upcoming studio movie.

The Muppets Trailer (Without Lady Gaga )

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