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Kyyba films releases music video for “Paranoid” by The ATG


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Kyyba films revealed today the new single and music video for “Paranoid” by The ATG ahead of the upcoming movie release of Trap City.

Produced by The ATG, “Paranoid” features vocal performances by Omar Gooding, Sa-Roc and compositions from renowned Indian artist G.V. Prakash Kumar.

Having signed an exclusive distribution deal with Sony/The Orchard earlier this year to release the Trap City soundtrack, “Paranoid” is the debut single from the highly anticipated movie.

Speaking about the track’s release today, producer The ATG said, “For Paranoid, I was thinking, I wanted something that was epic and emotional. The choices of instrumentals and compositions were chosen to create that kind of story in line with the theme of the movie, which touches on very relevant issues happening in society today.”

The ATG, who also serves as Executive Producer on the upcoming release of the Trap City Soundtrack music album, worked with renowned video director Ricky Burchell to capture the track’s messages and to create an overall theme of social consciousness in relation to the issues of police brutality, prejudice and social injustice.

Music video - Paranoid

Speaking about the track, actor and rapper Omar Gooding said, “This song is just one part of the movement that I and other entertainers like me are doing to use our platforms to create real change.”

Sa-Roc, who features in the video with her powerful vocal performance also said, “Working with such a diverse and talented group of creatives such as Omar Gooding, G.V. Prakash Kumar and The ATG on ‘Paranoid’ was a dope experience.”

And in relation to the film’s new single, G.V. Prakash Kumar said, “It’s such an honor to collaborate with artists Omar Gooding, Sa-Roc, Ricky Burchell, and The ATG from around the globe and lend my voice to send the message of hope for world unity.”

“Paranoid” is the first single release from the Trap City Motion Picture Soundtrack. The film is set for release in early 2021.

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