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Kung Fury : The full length movie goes live on Youtube

Finally, after 3 years, 18,000 backers, $650,000 of Kickstarter contributions, a trip to Cannes, countless sleepless nights and a music video with David Hasselhoff, the release of Kung Fury is here.

“Nothing is worth doing if you’re not overdoing it.”

The final wait is over for one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns of all time and one of the most popular indie projects in Kickstarter’s history.

Kung Fury - Premiere

It started in a basement in the north of Sweden with a pretty good computer and a guy who was fed up with his day job. David Sandberg, 28, moved in with his mother and started working on his short film project "Kung Fury," an homage to 80s action movies and what most people would call, "a long shot.” Given the difficulty and expense of hiring a lead actor, Sandberg decided to take on the role himself. He also brought his friends onboard to contribute. Who could say no to dinosaurs and Vikings in the same movie? The process towards shooting the film and making a 3-minute trailer was underway.

Friendship and teamwork has made Kung Fury what it is today. From the beginning, friends and strangers alike have helped with everything from camera and sound, to the visual effects, and even starring in many of the major roles. People from all over the world have helped Kung Fury become a reality, or as David said in his speech in Cannes, "I am not alone anymore.”

Kung Fury is produced by Laser Unicorns Productions and co-produced by Lampray & Stories By Universal with support from SVT, SFI, Film i Västerbotten and Länsstyrelsen Västerbotten.

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