Kardashians less popular than supermarket on Piers Morgan Tonight

Kim and Kourtney Kardashian couldn t prevent a ratings tumble for Piers Morgan s Tonight show on CNN.

The British host who took over from Larry King is getting a hard time from critics as his show viewership fell to under 500,000 with his latest interview.

Even last week when George Clooney was a guest, he had well over 700,000 viewers, but still a huge drop from his peak of over 2 million with Oprah.

Has Piers Morgan s charisma failed to impress an American audience or is there more to his falling popularity? If the trend continues there might be more bad news for CNN, but for now it is still too early to see if the decline will remain. However, the ratings tumble has been consistent since day one.

Piers Morgan may also face a backlash from angry public figures with big influences like Madonna and Keith Olbermann who have been banned from the show.

A rival supermarket behind the scenes documentary show turned out to be more exciting for audiences than the Kardashians.

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