Kirk Douglas shows Hollywood how to bring funny to the Oscars

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Kirk Douglas, father of Michael Douglas is 94 years of age, and yet stood proud at last night s Oscars handing out the award to Best Supporting Actress.

Holding his breath ahead of his announcement the audience were in suspension as he finally read out Melissa Leo. Without a doubt one of the most legendary cinema figures, Douglas showed Hollywood that age just doesn t matter. He made the whole crowd laugh, cracking up Hugh Jackman and mocking him with good humour.

While Clint Eastwood continues to shoot and direct his movies, Kirk Douglas is many years his senior, yet sharp as a knife, and knows exactly how to stir an audience.
Douglas took to the web to get in touch with is fans via myspace and regularly updates his blog with news and insight into his beliefs.

You might be thinking who is Kirk Douglas? Was he captain Kirk? Kirk Douglas was the icon of the 50s and 60s starring in such films as Spartacus and Paths Of Glory . Kirk is an inspiration, and his acting continues to be highly regarded decades later.

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