Kindle Fire HD passes sales record with $199 price tag

Kindle Fire HD continues to win

Amazon's epic Kindle Fire HD is winning the war on pricing with Apple as it continues to experience record sales, and great customer feedback.

In the aftermath of Apple's iPad mini launch, critics were quick to condemn the new gadget for its absurdly high price, and lack of new innovative features (despite selling out in many places). At $329, Apple's iPad mini is $130 more expensive than the Kindle Fire HD which starts at $199.

Tech lovers will be interested to see just how many features they get for that $199 price tag but the Kindle Fire HD certainly delivers on capabilities.

The 7" Kindle Fire HD boasts Dolby audio, a HD touch screen, and wifi capabilities of up to 31mpbs. It also gives users integrated support for Facebook, Twitter, Skpe calls, and a bonus of free unlimited cloud storage with any Amazon content.

It's 16 GB version costs $199, and the 32 GB version $249.

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Kindle Fire HD

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