Kim Kardashian is not number one in Google search

Kim Kardashian not in first place

Bing have revealed that Kim Kardashian was the most searched celebrity of 2012 but Justin Bieber still ranks ahead of her in Google search.

Google accounts for a majority of searches on the web each day, although Bing have innovated their search engine in recent months to increase their market share. It is interesting to see Kim Kardashian overtake Bieber in 2012 on Bing, however, it's not a clear indicator of star popularity, given that the volume of search on Bing is a fraction of all web searches.

In terms of monthly search, as it stands, Bieber still outranks Kim Kardashian both in the US domestic market and abroad.

Here are the current numbers:

Justin Bieber Monthly search

  • US : 7.4 million
  • International : 23 million
  • Total : 30.4 million

Kim Kardashian Monthly search

  • US : 5 million
  • International : 8.6 million
  • Total : 13.6 million

Source : Google

Google have yet to release their full total search ranks for 2012, but looking back on previous months, I have not seen Kim Kardashian overtake Bieber at any point during the year, and although I may be premature in predicting who will be number one, I am pretty convinced Kim Kardashian does not have as big a reach as Bieber on practically all digital fronts.

In a social context, Kim Kardashian has a long way to go to overtake Bieber's impressive digital dominance:

Kim Kardashian on the social web :

  • 16.7 million Twitter Followers
  • 11.4 million Facebook fans
  • 5.3 million Youtube views

Justin Bieber on the social web :

  • 31.3 million Twitter Followers
  • 51.28 million Facebook fans
  • 3.595 billion Youtube views

These numbers alone are proof enough that it's going to take a while for Kardashian to reach Bieber's level of celebrity. Can she do it? Nothing's impossible...

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