Kim Jong-Un just became an internet meme : Top 10 pics

Kim Jong Un parody Knocked Up poster
After 'The Interview' was pulled from its release schedule, movie fans decided to turn North Korea's Kim Jong-Un into an internet meme.

Following the success of the Sad Batman memes earlier this year the Kim Jong-Un parodies give the notorious leader a 'closer relationship' with Hollywood.

Sony's decision to pull the film entirely was met with disappointment, anger, frustration and most of all humor. For the first time ever, a Hollywood studio decided to abandon a theatrical release following a cyber attack.

Check out the best photoshopped Kims from around the web below:

Top 10 Kim Jong-Un pictures

King Kong Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Un lipstick

Kim Jong Un decides for Hollywood

Kim Jong Un cheese obsession

Kim Jong Un Oscars parody

Kim-jong-un hacks Sony Password

Kim Jong Un Disney

Kim Jong Un floppy disk

Kim Jong Un Face parody

Kim Jong Un potato spoof

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