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'Kill Bin Laden' film to change title and release date

The controversial film surrounding the death of 7/7 organiser Osama Bin Laden is to be released in December under the name 'Zero Dark Thirty'.

What may seem a mysterious name at first glance is actually much clearer under the enlightenment of the knowledge of military code language: 'Zero Dark Thirty' which translates as 30 minutes after midnight, the time the attack on Osama Bin Laden was carried out. Originally the film was thought to be called “Kill Bin Laden” but this idea was rejected.

The release date of the film has also been altered, as it was originally set to the month of October however the controversy that emerged encouraged film producers to change the month to December amongst critics that the film would put the US President Barack Obama in better stead relative to his competitors.

A controversial plot

The film takes the point-of-view of the Navy SEAL Team 6, the group that landed 120 miles within the Pakistani boarder and entered Obama’s retreat killing a total of five people including the leader himself and his son and leaving three women and 13 children bound with plastic ties.

The project was taken on by Kathryn Bigelow with the help of script writer Mark Boal. Originally the plot of the film was going to be centred on an unsuccessful attack on the terrorist but when the news emerged in May that he had been killed- the script was altered.

Tension was added to the already conflictive matter as Pakistan refused to allow for the film to be shot, as a result, the film is being shot in India - non other than Pakistan’s number one rival. With Pakistani flags decorating the set, Indians from the Vishyu Hindu Parishad group entered abruptly protesting against reflecting a Muslim culture in what is a mainly Hindi population.

In addition to the 3 wars between Indian and Pakistani forces since 1947, now the two countries that were once one, have a conflictive film on their hands that will not calm the situation. As of yet there is no release date or distributor for UK but it can be presumed for late 2012 / early 2013.

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