Kevin Smith wants to make your films

PARK CITY, USA - Almost seventeen years ago Kevin Smith (Chasing Amy, Dogma, Cop Out) made his debut at Sundance with Clerks. Now he s back with his newest film Red State, and while his new film may be different from any other film that he s released in the past. That is by no means the biggest news that came out of his first screening of Red State. For anybody out there that has been following Kevin Smith s off-screen career it would come as no shock that he is through with studios or that films aren t even his bread and butter anymore.

In recent times Smith has dedicated his time to creating the SModcast: Podcast Network, and touring around the nation doing Q&As. In the process he s garnered a following of people that may not even be familiar with his films, but simply know him as the funny man that speaks candidly about Hollywood. This new following is exactly something that he wants to take advantage of by self-distributing Red State.  He plans on touring the United States with his film screening it one screen at a time. Then he plans on releasing it for wide-release on October 19th, the seventeenth year anniversary of Clerks, which will be released under his newly founded production company, SModcast Pictures.

All of this should only be seen as trial run for his biggest and most revolutionary move yet, because if this has any type of success he then plans on releasing other films under this production company. Those other films will include films made by his fans. That s right; Kevin Smith will now release indie films under a production company that he himself started using methods that will come at almost no cost to the filmmakers themselves.

This shouldn t be hard to do, because as many people know, Kevin Smith has over 1.7 million Twitter followers, 300,000 subscribers to his podcasts, and can sell-out theaters across the nation by just offering a Q&A.    This may indeed be the opportunity that any aspiring filmmaker has been waiting for, so if you have an idea start working on it, because you may be the first non-Kevin Smith film released by SModcast Pictures!


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