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Kevin Richardson proves Melissa Bachman protesters were right


The passion of Kevin Richardson

Over 487,000 people signed an online petition in protest against Melissa Bachman's infamous picture of her smiling in front of a dead lion. The shocking images reverberated across the web and people condemned her after the TV personality went hunting in South Africa.

Lions are considered an endangered species but often have the image of being violent, aggressive animals that are a menace to humans. Now take a look at Kevin Richardson's approach and see just how magnificent they are, when they are alive and smiling.

The passionate lion lover recently went with a film crew to Africa to show another side of the lion spirit. This remarkable footage shows Richardson facing the danger, and the beauty of the lions in their natural habitat.

Richardson and the lions


Richardson reveals in his travels how tame the lions can be when they don't feel threatened by his presence. Although there are significant risks, Richardson shows a side to these wild and exceptional creatures that few will ever appreciate in such close proximity. (In the last 4 days this video has been viewed more than 600,000 times)

Melissa Bachman's unfortunate ignorance will not earn her much respect after what she has done. In stark contrast, Richardson shows here just how precious lions are in the world. They should not be hunted as prizes. There is no beauty in that.

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