Will Keith Olbermann start a twitter blocking trend?

Keith Olbermann Countdown show (Previously on MSNBC)

Keith Olbermann Countdown show (Previously on MSNBC)[/caption]

Keith Olbermann could be 're-hashing' twitter diplomacy as we know it, but did his recent admission that he won't be responding to any tweets from his fans cause him to lose credibility?

It's easy to see why the host is using twitter to promote 'Countdown' on Current TV but what is less obvious is why he should be so inclined to block people that raise his media visibility. In fact, controversy on twitter can often become a conversation trend and boost audience engagement with shows.

CNN's Piers Morgan has managed to gather over a million followers will X Factor mogul Simon Cowell recently turned to twitter for an additional boost.

Olbermann's heated exchange with a woman who he believed was criticising a close friend got him thinking about the whole point of twitter debates. According to a report in WSJ, the host admitted he would continue to use twitter, for more 'mundane' updates like Baseball gossip.

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