Keith Olbermann: “I did not burn the bridges, I napalmed them”

While Al Gore defended Keith Olbermann over the Sky Italia boycott, the former MSNBC host went on David Letterman to talk about his new show.

The controversial news host is never short on catch phrases and one-liners with more than one meaning. When answering a questions regarding his former employers he said that he been told “I did not burn the bridges, I napalmed them”. However, Olbermann went to more extremes to say that in actual fact “I did not burn the bridges, I burned the rivers.”

In essence, Olbermann has never been to far from trouble, but admitted that some of his former employers hired him back. In truth, a newly revamped Keith Olbermann show on Current TV sounds far more radical and daring than what he was allowed to do on MSNBC. Does this mean we can expect some Charlie Sheen style moments?

"Countdown" with Keith Olbermann will air on Current TV from June 20th

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