Katy Perry video E.T with Kanye West cameo preview released

Katy Perry has teamed up with Kanye West in her new music video called E.T. The theme of her latest music video centres on UFOs.

Perry constantly pushes the boundaries in her videos such as going over the top with Snoop Dogg in the Alice In Wonderland style fantasy: 'California Gurls'.

Kanye's appearance will no doubt boost the video even higher, as the team up is an interesting one. In the teaser, A UFO shaped orb falls from the sky above and then beings a edge dance tune.

Not much more is revealed except for the release date which is this March 31st

KAty: "I'm looking forward to making music videos on this new album," she explained. "There's a story to the songs. ... I'm really excited about ... making those music videos that are going to be larger than life." - MTV

Will this video become an instant hit with fans or just become another overrated music video with too much epileptic editing? Let's wait and see.

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