Katy Perry 'twitter disses' Calvin Harris for cancelling on her tour

Calvin Harris was left twitter 'red faced' when Katy Perry shot back at him for cancelling his Dublin tour appearance despite an apology to her.

The Singer and DJ blamed her production team for not having put the 'goal posts' in the right place and that he would not be able to make a good show performance. Despite his positive remark about Katy's show, she had nothing good to say about the cancellation.

The beef could overshadow the last leg of Katy Perry's UK Tour, and make some interesting debate on whether twitter beefs are a good idea because they get analysed in-depth by the entertainment industry.

What does this particular tweet beef have to do with the fans? Nothing. But now they know, these two will probably not be touring together ever again.

Calvin Harris twitter comment

"I am really sorry @katyperry I'm just upset because I really wanted to play but ur team made it impossible.
"We tried really hard to sort it out, but playing side of stage for 30 mins, it seemed pointless me even being there.

Katy Perry response

"Funny the goal post seems to be perfectly fine for New Young Pony Club, Yelle, Robyn, Marina & The Diamonds to name a few.
"Or how bout Janell Monae and her 16 piece band... Etc... it's fine, I'm used to you cancelling on me, it's become ur staple!"


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