Katy Perry and Kanye West E.T music video world premiere

Katy Perry's new music video E.T featuring Kanye West comes out later today. The two big artists have combined their talents in this musical collaboration that could become a big hit.

With every new video, Katy Perry brings about more deviousness, charm and exciting visuals. From her costumes to the direction of her music videos, the artist has a great skill for creating exciting material along with good filmmaking teams. Kanye West, who turned film director last year, is also highly creative when visualizing his music videos.

Today's premiere will air live on MTV and VH1 just before 8PM EST Time. Katy Perry will also be interviewed live on the channel and talk about her collaboration. Will E.T become an instant pop corn classic? Let's wait and see.

Katy Perry Ft Kanye West E.T Preview

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