Katie Hopkins fails to get a single celebrity for her chat show


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Katie Hopkins faces a backlash from celebrities and the general public after making a controversial article on the migrant crisis in the Mediterranean.

The Celebrity Big Brother winner was in talks to start a chat show with TLC but producers were unable to get any support or commitments from celebs to participate.

A petition launched on Monday demanding that Hopkins be removed from The Sun has already gathered 275,000 signatures and continues to gain support.

Over 100 complaints were also made to Ipso since the weekend which is now investigating whether her column breach codes on discrimination.

The controversial columnist was also reported to police along with The Sun editor David Dinsmore for the second time in a month. Labour MP for Rochdale Simon Danczuk accused her of inciing racial hatred and had reported Hopkins back in March.

It is now more unlikely that she will remain at The Sun given the scale of the backlash and the damage it could cause to the newspaper in the UK. Her new chat show with TLC is also rumoured to have been scrapped.

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