Katie Holmes deviates from Tom Cruise in new creative direction

Katie-Holmes-baazar-russia-cover-2012It seemed only yesterday that Katie Holmes strategically filed for divorce from Tom Cruise, but now the actress is taking on a new direction with her fashionable appearance in Bazaar magazine.

Holmes features on Harper Bazaar's Russian cover just as she turns to promote her spring 2013 clothing line, Holmes & Yang. Delving into her fashion roots with close collaborator Jeanne Yang, Holmes has managed to shake off the difficulty of the divorce and show her fans some true creativity. However that's just the beginning. Holmes is also gearing up to hit the big time on Broadway, rehearsing for a new show that will certainly put her career path back into action. After many years at Cruise's side, Holmes is finally pursuing the direction she wants, and it's just the early days for what could be a sensational year.

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