Katie holmes and indie filmmakers to arrive at Sundance festival

PARK CITY, USA - Just a day away from America's most loved film festival in Utah, the festival has unveiled its exciting line up with films starring the likes of Katie Holmes and many more.

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The Sundance Film Festival is a place that celebrates independent filmmaking, which was originally set up by Robert Redford. The actor has created one of the most iconic institutions for film in the US since its inception, and now it carries international weight like never before.

Katie Holmes' The Son Of No One will get its premiere at the festival and Spike Lee produced Pariah amongst a whole host of other movies.

The film festival will also welcome some bigger films with stars like Al Pacino and Kate Bosworth.

Independent filmmaking has experienced a boom over the last few years thanks to digital innovation in technology allowing film to be produced on a much lower budget.

There are feature films that can now be made for a fraction of the cost just 5 years ago, and with short films becoming a huge part of this melting pot, there is reason to celebrate indie films.

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